Welcome to the enTECH Computer Club!

EnTECH is a club at the University of Waterloo which aims to improve the lives of residents at retirement homes in the Waterloo Region by engaging them with technology for the purposes of keeping them in contact with their families, and for recreation. In addition, we also write curriculum documents to support the development of such a program elsewhere. 

We would love to be in contact if you have questions or suggestions - please use our Contact Us page to get in touch!


A world where everyone has the means, support, and tools to engage with technology.


Through the creation of tools, outreach with the community, and working directly in the community, we aim to provide the resources, education and tools to help everyone feel comfortable using 21st Century technology.

PRevious initiatives



We have done many presentations to groups in the Waterloo Region who have wished to learn more about technology, including the Bits & Bytes Computer Club, and with new Canadians. If you would like to have us present for your group, please get send us a message, and we will have someone get in touch!



We are proud to present free lesson plans to help people teach technology to older adults. We have based our lessons off of Mozilla's 21st Century Web Literacy Skills, as it is a robust framework off of which to structure technological education. These have been integrated into our Knowledge Translation efforts.



EnTECH has developed software to assist seniors in using technology. Our previous project was to make a Google Chrome extension to make Gmail more accessible to older adults, as during our volunteerism, we have noticed that the interface can be confusing. We welcome ideas for future projects!