Students taking HLTH/GERON 201 in Fall 2019 are eligible to receive a 3% bonus mark for attending six of the nine lectures in the Lecture Series. All students will be asked to sign in before entering the room to record attendance, both for the bonus marks but also to determine who will be eligible for the enTECH Geriatric Technology Certificate. For HLTH/GERON 201 students who are unable to attend the lectures due to a legitimate conflict are expected to follow the instructions found on LEARN. Questions may be directed to your instructor. We will endeavour to post videos of the lectures within 72 hours of the event, which can be found on the pages of the respective lecturers.

EnTECH recognizes the privilege we have in supporting you in learning about aspects of aging complimentary to your course. To ensure that Academic Integrity is maintained, students are reminded that they are expected to adhere to Policy 71 when attending the Lecture Series, and we encourage students to take particular note of sections pertaining to impersonation. EnTECH representatives will verify your identity when signing you in. If you have questions about this process, please email your course instructor, who will notify us of your concern.

While technology can aid in learning (e.g. note-taking), enTECH, despite being a club focused on technology, respectfully asks that technology use be kept to an absolute minimum while attending the lectures. All attendees will be reminded of this before the lectures begin. We thank you in advance for your assistance to ensure this is a valuable learning opportunity for all members of our campus community.

Please note that the speakers’ talks can all be found on the respective speaker pages for the event, here. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the previous speakers.

From the HLTH/GERON 201 syllabus:

The enTECH Computer Club is a club with the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Union (formally Feds), whose mission is to provide the resources, education and tools to help everyone feel comfortable using 21st Century technology. EnTECH’s work focuses on supporting populations that may struggle to use technology without guidance, including older adults, cancer patients and immigrants. EnTECH is running the first annual enTECH Lecture Series this term, where researchers and professionals who do work in the areas of aging, technology, and their intersection will speak about their research and careers. Lectures will start Thursday October 3rd from 5:45 to 6:45, in AHS 1686, and will be held weekly until December 5th, with the exception of Reading Week (October 17th). Students who attend 6 out of 9 EnTECH lectures will be eligible to receive the enTECH Geriatric Technology Certificate and class BONUS participation marks (3%) for HLTH/GERON 201, to recognize the time spent and expertise gained in attending the series.