Welcome to the enTECH Outreach & Social Media Division!


Dear readers,

It is my pleasure to announce the start of enTECH’s Outreach & Social Media Division! ENgage TECHnology (enTECH), is a student-led, volunteer initiative to target the unique needs of the older adult population through the provision of resources, education, and tools to help everyone engage with 21st Century technology. Since its conception in 2015, enTECH has continued to grow exponentially, serving much more than just older adults, and I am excited to provide a brief overview of its role and future directions for our first post.

EnTECH is an official Federation of Students Club at the University of Waterloo, and we are graciously partnered with the Research Institute for Aging and Schlegel Villages The Village at University Gates, where we deliver technological support and education to residents in both individual and group settings. enTECH is now expanding its operations to the oncology suite at Grand River Hospital, and we look forward to continue developing our partnerships in order to better serve the needs of the community.

Given the unanimously positive feedback we have received from the residents we serve, enTECH is now being studied as an intervention to reduce depression and social isolation, and improve quality of life in older adults living away from their families. The study will be starting in Fall 2019, and has been awarded the Network for Aging Research’s Catalyst Grant. We hope that its results can lay the foundation towards future improvements in programs for older adults. In addition, we will be organizing the enTECH Lecture Series in Fall 2019, where we will be inviting professors and professionals from varying fields to speak about topics on geriatric technology.

Finally, with the initiation of our Outreach & Social Media Division, enTECH can now be followed on many social media platforms including our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will also be sending a bimonthly newsletter covering varying aspects of the club. We encourage you to send us your stories on how enTECH has changed how you view and use technology!

There is a lot in store for enTECH this year, and we are always happy to hear from you with feedback, partnerships, and any wishes to get involved!


Peter M. Hoang
Co-Founder, enTECH Computer Club