Tech Blast: Apple Voice Control


At enTECH, we are always excited to see the advances companies are making regarding accessible technology. While this can sometimes include purpose-built hardware and software, we have found that technology becomes most accessible when accessibility options are built into the devices themselves. 

Apple has historically been a leader in developing accessible technology: their VoiceOver technology has been included on their devices for years, and helps people with low vision or vision loss navigate their devices by having the phone read out what is happening on screen. Apple is releasing iOS 13 for iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and iPadOS 13 for iPads this fall, which are bringing a host of new accessibility features to the devices many of us use every day. 

One major new feature is called Voice Control, which allows users to navigate their devices entirely by their voices, which is a significant benefit for people with musculoskeletal and motor impairments. By accessing this function in the device’s Accessibility settings, the user is able to use the device completely hands-free, including moving around the device, opening apps, entering text, and browsing the web.

The YouTube channel Soldier Knows Best details this in the video below:

Unfortunately, these sorts of innovations in user experience are not given as much press time, as the ‘flashier’ features are not aimed at customers who may benefit from these types of technologies. As a club, we are happy to promote these sorts of features, in hopes that we may reach people who may not have learned about them otherwise.

If you know of any new software or hardware breakthroughs to help technology become more assessable to everyone, please let us know!